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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's the odd season all about?

I have often preached on and on about how valuable the holiday season truly is to families and not because of the gifts that are often exchanged between loved ones, but because of the memories created that will always stand strong in your mind. So what is this all about then? Why do we do such strange rituals or have such odd traditions but once a year? Yes, the idea of Christmas goes back a very long time and has always had some religious background, but is that still true to this day? Is the idea of religion the main reason people get together? Well, I cannot answer for everyone in the world because that would be ridiculous of me, but, I can explain what this seasons all about from my point of view.
I remember when I was a young kid and I spent tons of time flipping through those huge catalogs circling what toys I wanted. It was the high light of my December because I knew that Santa would try his hardest to get those gifts that i wanted under my tree. That lasted for a very long time but as I got older I began to change and see Christmas as something different. I no longer needed or those expensive toys or crazy electronics, but what i really wanted was to spend time with my family. With everyone that means the most to me. As I live my life now, a little older and a little wiser my family has grown. I am married with amazing new brothers and sisters. The Christmas season has arrived because all i ever want to do is hang out with them, be around them, sing Christmas songs with words changed so everyone gets the giggles. I want to see the twinkle in everyone's eyes because I know that this is truly the gift. The memories they are forming right now will last a life time. They always last a life time because those memories are what's truly important. I may not remember what toy or new electronic I received three Christmas's ago, but I will remember laughing and dancing and singing with the family. I will remember going to the Holiday Magic at the Zoo and walking aimlessly around the mall. I suppose what I am trying to say is that there is so much more to the holidays then materialistic needs. Maybe this season you can look into your heart and realize this also, if you haven't already. Instead of buying the fanciest outfit maybe you can take some extra money and place it into one of those very friendly Salvation Army tins. Maybe you can give gifts to someone less fortune and smile about it not because you know your supposed to help the less fortunate, but because you truly want to help them and your heart goes out to them.
So I say, on this holiday season, take some time and call your family, see your family, laugh, live and love your family. Remember the special moments, the little moments, the moments that truly make up the holiday spirit. Watch a christmas movie, listen to christmas music, drive around and look at lights and go for pie afterwards. These are all amazing ideas that can help spread the holiday cheer.
So yes, this is what this holiday means to me. I am genuinely grateful for my friends and family and I hope you are as well.


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