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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rush Rush Rush Rush

Why is it that life seems to be flying by at some ridiculous speed? I am often reminded by my parents that this is only natural and life only seems to pick up speed the older one gets. Well, I have to say, and I am sure I am not the only person out there, but that truly is not cool. I don't like the feeling of theses flashes and glimpses of the present swiftly flying by only to be reveled as the past. I want to talk about it. I want to talk to everyone involved in my life and those who only are involved by these words on my blog. I want to tell you that there maybe is an option out there that will allow you to slow life down. The option is truly a challenge for I am having the hardest time wrapping my noggin around the thought, the idea, the answer.
Usually life speeds by because we find ourselves so very busy. Trust me, we all have very important lives and rarely find time for ourselves let alone anyone out side our immediate radius. "Yeah but that's life, right?" I would say usually that is life, one congested moment after the next. There's barely even enough time to appreciate the moment before the next one rushes onto the stage and steals the glory! But maybe, maybe we can try something. Take a deep breath.....shhh, relax and just listen to your breathing. If your not at work or somewhere public, try closing your eyes for a moment while your doing this exercise. (I suggest you keep your eyes open at work or you might get fired for napping on the job and definitely keep your eyes open in public because some people might nab your wallet!)
Did you feel that? I did, I felt it....time seemed to slow down slightly. Amazing! That works, but lets face it, we cannot go through life with our eyes closed taking deep breaths all the time, so how do we make this work for us without keeping our eyes shut? Well, here are a few simple ideas, some are better than the others though, I assure you.
Suggestion 1: This is the first thing I did to try to slow down time in my life. Take an ordinary kitchen timer. (One of those ones that you wind to a certain time). Set that for 15 minutes and place it on the kitchen table. Make sure the tv is off and there is no radio on, basically all distractions put away from you. With that settled light a candle and place it in front of the timer. Turn the lights off and sit down. Clear you mind but keep your eyes open, but still blink, dont want your eyes drying out. the flame for the 15 minutes. Just sit there at your table in the darkened room and watch the dancing flame bounce back and forth in the hypnotic dance. When the fifteen minutes pass you are done with this suggestion.
What did you feel? Time slowed down as well and this time you kept your eyes open. You might have found yourself at first thinking, "man this is stupid." But after awhile that thought left and you felt relaxed and things slowed down.
Suggestion 2: After I did suggestion one I was happy that I was able to slow down time without closing my eyes, but I had to focus on a dancing flame, how do I go beyond that? The next idea I had was that I should go for a walk. First and foremost I make sure I have proper id and a cell phone on me just in case of an emergency. I do not bring my head phones, I do not bring an agenda, I just bring my legs for walking. I walk outside and I do not speed walk, I do not walk like i have a purpose, I just walk. After what felt like forever, I found myself near my house again only to realize that once again I slowed down time but without shutting my eyes or watching a flame. I have slowed down life just by slowing my walking and not have a schedule.
Where is this blog going Dan? I mean, i appreciate the suggestions but lets wrap it up here because this seems to be dragging on. Well then, maybe I succeeded here by slowing down your life just enough for you to realize that something that is actually pretty short in writing felt like it has been taking forever! =) HAHAHA

Lets face it, sometimes we just need to slow ourselves down and take everything in. Appreciate things that most people overlook because they are rushing around. Take a detour next time your out driving and look at the christmas lights people put up! Get lost and then try to find yourself. Slow down because life goes by fast enough for us to be forcing things to go faster. Please, for your own health, relax and take some personal time for yourself. It will do some wonders and maybe you will feel like a refreshed person with tons of time on their hands.

Night for now


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