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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow, glorious snow!

Well, lets make it official everyone, it has snowed and it has snowed very well! December is often a very exciting month with the holidays approaching and the idea that maybe this year I can finally make an awesome snowman! Its also a time where staying inside all nice and toasty, wrapped in your favorite blanket, sipping hot chocolate, and watching Christmas movies makes for an amazing evening. Now, do that with friends and family and you have yourself a dream come true. This is often a time where I like to sit on down late at night when everyone's asleep and write my thoughts and feelings. (Tonight I have some killer Christmas Songs from random awesome Christmas movies such as Home Alone and Christmas Vacation playing)

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you live in the Midwest like I do you have no choice but to deal with the snow. You can curse at it and make it your enemy, but that won't stop it from coming. You can wish yourself somewhere else and say how much you hate this time of year, but the bottom line is that the snow is coming with or without you, so maybe you should try and make the best of the situation. I was talking to a friend earlier tonight about all the snow. She mentioned to me how she had to shovel and how she hopes its the last time it snows for the year. (Trust me, she lives in Wisconsin and she knows what she is in for.) I chuckled and then remarked, yeah but think of the snowmen you can build with all that snow! Its all about taking something that obviously isn't the greatest thing to do but needs to be done and then reminding yourself that there are things out there you can do that are fun! Go sledding, build a snowman, write your name in the snow without water, and if your very brave, drop down to your undies, run outside, jump into the snow and run back inside! The last one is something I made sure to do before I moved back to Chicago from Madison. It was crazy but I felt alive, truly alive and ready to take on anything. I laugh about it now and that's what's important to me. I remember one year here in Chicago a group of us went sledding. I told my friends that it's smart to put plastic bags on over your socks and under your shoes so your feet stay dry. Well, one of my friends wasn't listening and when we got to the hill she put the bags on, but she put them on wrong. She put the bags on over her shoes, which made for some really awesome entertainment.

What I am getting around to say, in a very confused and rambling sort of way, is that make the best of all situations. If you want to stay in and watch movies all night, I say do it! As long as you are sure you are happy! Invite people over and make a party out of it! If you want to act like a kid and play in the snow, go for it! You're never to old to be silly! When walking down the street try and catch snowflakes in your mouth! Make sure you watch where your going though because you don't want to end up with two black eyes by walking into a pole.

Here is a short list of things you can do this holiday season to have some fun!

-Build a snowman
-Take a horse carriage around the park
-Go sledding
-Go to the zoo! They have awesome lights and hot chocolate and roasted almonds!
-Drive around your town and look at Christmas lights (people take time to put them up so you can at least take time to look at them)
-Go get pie with friends or family
-Watch a sappy Christmas movie that makes you feel like you want to hug someone (I suggest Love Actually, followed by Christmas Shoes on Hallmark Channel)
-Finish all your shopping early and go people watch at the mall with a starbucks coffee (the stress will be gone but you will feel awesome!)
-Take your picture with Santa (I suggest going to the Bass Pro Shop for this because its different than most places)
-Go ice skating
-Snuggle with loved ones, friends or family
-Make sure you tell people you love them and never leave angry (the weather is bad and you never want something to happen to someone when you left on a bad note)
-Help people shovel
-Help a stranger who is stuck in the snow (Madison you were awesome for this always bailing me out!)

Go for it! Have fun and laugh, your allowed to this holiday season. Don't be a grinch or a scrooge because being happy is contagious and people will remember you for it.


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