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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Helping the wife out

So my wife Holly is in the middle of her masters program at North Western. She is a busy chick indeed! So I often ask her what, if any, kind of help I can help her with? She often returns that question with a diagram of whatever she is working on so she can use it in her power point presentation. SURE! I can do that!

Scaried Boy

I drew this boy a little while ago but still like how it turned out. I never put it up on this blog cause i never really put much in terms of drawings on the blog, but that is all changing now!


So I was doodling quickly to try and see what can come of it and this is what came of it! =)

Sketching Again

Yes, I have returned to this familiar venue to once again share with people my thoughts and sometimes opinions. (Hopefully the ladder rarely offends anyone.) Also with this new outlook on this blog I will be adding sketches and other works. Hopefully this will make people smile because in all honesty, that is all I really want to do. So enjoy, respond, share with everyone this journal that I promise to keep flowing.

There is never a rhyme or reason for my drawings.